I was flipping around in the clouds, checking out stuff when I came across Ralph peering down intently.

I blinked; it appeared there were two Ralphs. Blinked some more, nope, still two Ralphies.

“Aaaargh, my eyes are broken! I’m seeing two black cats.” I howled, making the images even blurrier.

“I need Saint Lucy badly.”

I’d since found out for Aunty Kate’s heavenly crossword that Saint Lucy was the Patron Saint of Blindness and problem eyes. Or something like that.

“Oh don’t be so melodramatic Fudge” spat Ralph. You are not seeing double, there are two of us. This is my friend Harry. You can only see his back, but he’s also got white bits on him.

Spitty Ralph

Harry turned around, his face was all black but the rest of him looked pretty similar to Ralph.

“Hi Harry,” I offered him a paw. We high-fived.

I squidged in-between the two cats, “What are you guys looking at?”

“Mom’s garden,” replied Ralph. “Check out that huge lizard sunning its self in her garden. I would have liked to have a go at that.”

“Yeah,” remarked Harry “We didn’t even have lizards that big in Limpopo.”

The beastie

I waved some clouds away to get a clearer view, still a bit traumatised from the idea that my eyes had gone wonky. There was, indeed, a huge fat lizard lying smack dab in mom’s front garden.

“Oooh,” I squealed like a girl “It is ginormous. It’s going to eat that saucy sausage dog for sure.”

I felt a cold nose slink in from the side. Skunk had joined the party.

“Whatcha all lookin’ at?” Skunk’s little freckly nose wrinkled up as he smiled at us all.

“Come and see Skunkie, there’s a beastie in mom’s garden.”

“Where?” Skunk’s sharp eyes scanned around the place.

Harry raised a white-tipped paw and pointed “Right there.”

“Where? I can’t see anything but rocks and stuff.”

“Next to the honeysuckle bush,” Ralph tipped his head in the right direction.

Skunk barked out loud, making Harry leap up, wide-eyed in alarm. Ralph flicked his tail from side to side, a sure sign that he was a little annoyed.

Skunk airing his tongue. Check out those long legs!

“Sillies!” grinned Skunk with his tongue hanging out, “Silly Billies! That’s not a beastie. It’s mom’s garden art. I watched her make that lizard out of rocks a few days ago. Her friend Lynne sent her a picture, and you know mom, the next minute she’d dashed off to the stone shop with Alpha and stocked up.”

“Sjoe!  There’s another one – a huge flying thing.” Harry pointed to something under the tree.

“It’s a dragonfly,” Skunk explained patiently. “I saw her make that one too. Carolynn sent her that one, except mom jazzed it up a bit and now she’s not sure if she likes it or not.”

Ralph licked his whiskers. “What’s next? Another insect or an animal?”

“Erm… no. But Andrea sent her a nice picture of a spiral thingy. She just has to convince Alpha to go on a rock gathering mission in the bush. Rudi gathered some stones for her too, but I don’t somehow think that they are going to be enough.  You see those blommies,” Skunk waved a long skinny black and white leg widely over the garden, “over there and there… plus the ones next to the lizard. You see them?”

We all nodded.

“Well that was a group effort. About six people sent mom pictures of those—Lisa and Marlene and Earlene and…”

“Okay Skunk, we get the picture.” I interrupted.  Skunkie can be a bit garrulous at times. “So this isn’t actually mom’s garden. It’s got a bit of everybody in it.”

“Yup, that’s about right.” Skunk bounced off.

Harry nudged Ralph. “Come on, I’ll show you my cutie girls, but they are getting so big now.”

Harry being snuggled by one of his cutie girls (that’s now in Grade 8)

I gazed at the garden, hoping for a glimpse of mom, but all I saw was that Mr Edge lurking under the daisy bush.

Lurky Mr Edge

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