Greetings and Salutations! I am Fudge.

A precious pavement rescue special that lived on earth for several years and was dearly loved by all the humans who knew me. Most of all mom.

I’m now chief angel doglet in heaven but I still keep an eye on mom… and all that goes on down below.

Gemma, Mr Edge and Jack  are now custodians of my family… so these blogs are mainly about them. If you want to read about my own furry self – you’ll have to buy the books.

Slayer, Looseyfur,  Grey Cat and Ralphie are all with me on the Rainbow Ridge, as are Zed Boy and Skunk the Flying Punk. All these critters starred in various Dog’s Blog columns over the years.

If you want to know how “The Dog’s Blog” came to be a weekly column that ran in The Springs Advertiser for more than 8 years… Aunty Cathy (who was the Editor of the Springs Advertiser then) wrote the foreword to our books – check it out.

We really were a pawsome bunch… read the review of “A Dog’s Blog” by Lois C Henderson of