Paul’s Creation

“It’s a chew toy I tell you. Granted, it’s a fancy one, but still a chew toy.”

I saw my Aunty Kate peering eagerly through the clouds and went to see what she was so excited about.  Gave her the nose, “Hullo, what’s up?”

“Oh, Fudgie my girl!” she exclaimed giving me a pat on the head, “Just look at the lovely stuff my Paul is making.”

I was busy trying to see when the rest of the heavenly gang rudely shoved me out of the way.

“Grnuffff,” Zed Boy shook his head excitedly, “I see your son is making chew toys.”  

Zed misses those—there isn’t a single chew toy in heaven, or put it this way—we haven’t found one yet. He flapped his long ears again, strings of slobber zinged and whizzed around the place.

We all ducked.

Aunty Kate looked at him reproachfully, “Mr Zed, that is rather disgusting and not very polite you know.”

That wicked basset hound gazed balefully at my old wrinkly and then deliberately did it again.  He was obviously off doing something naughty when manners were handed out. Being in heaven hasn’t improved him one bit.

Skunk was leaping around like a demented grasshopper. “Those aren’t chew toys—they’re hats.”

Aunty Kate rolled her eyes and chortled, “I don’t somehow think so Skunkie.”

I waited until a cloud drifted past and squinted some more, “It’s a ball, that’s what it is… a pawesome ball.”

“Rubbish,” yowled Ralph, rudely smacking my head with one of his claw paws. “He’s making a special bowl for cat’s pellets. It’s not a ruddy ball.”

Looseyfur purred, “I’m with Ralphie—it’s not a ball, although it is round. Not everything in life is a ball Fudgie,” his whiskers twitched sarcastically.

“Um… looks rather like he’s making biltong to me” Harry piped up.

Grey Cat flicked her tail, luminous green eyes staring intently, clearly, she had no clue what it was.

 “I still think it’s a hat, sort of like a helmet,” Skunk had stopped leaping and was lying next to Auntie Kate, his paws elegantly crossed, looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in his little freckled snout.

Zed Boy sank into a folded heap of fur, “It’s a chew toy I tell you. Granted, it’s a fancy one, but still a chew toy.”

Aunty Kate snorted and clapped her hands together, “Don’t be ridiculous you crazy critters!  It’s a piece of art. A gorgeous wooden bowl and I don’t for one moment think it’s for cat’s food either. It’s more like a beautiful ornament, or maybe one could put some sweets into it.”

“Annnndddd… yup, that would make it a chew toy!”  Zed ambled off contentedly.

Note from mom: Paul Kristafor is my lovely cousin and makes many of these fabulous wooden creations – follow him on Facebook or Instagram to see more and feel free to contact him if you’d like to buy one.