Our boy Luan

You know, one of the coolest things about being heavenly hounds is that we can see everything. Anywhere. Any time!

We were watching Luan riding around the farm on a horse. I nudged Skunk, “Check out my boy Luan—he’s all grown up!”

Skunk frowned, “Erm… he’s actually MY boy Luan.”

“Remember when he was a little kid?” Zed Boy chortled, “I used to sit on him and make him go ooef!”

“You used to sit on everybody,” Skunk glared at him balefully, “Even me.”

“You were such a narfy mutt, always falling over your own furry legs.”

“Was not!”

“Were too!”

I rolled my eyes back down to earth—you can’t exactly roll your eyes to the heavens when you’re already there now, can you? “Stop you squabbling you wretched creatures. We’re talking about whose boy he is.”

“I remember when I got him,” Skunk’s whiskers twitched.

“YOU didn’t get him! HE got you. In fact… WE found you in that pet shop. I wanted the rabbit but noooo… “ Zed flapped his ears in disgust.

I listened with interest, this was before my time.  “So what actually happened?”


Slayer sauntered up. “I was around, I know what went down.  Luan was visiting from Cape Town. Zed had sharp scraggly toenails and mom took him to have them snipped at the pet shop.” Slayer flicked his tail and sneered at Zed. “You squealed like a pig!”

Zed glowered menacingly at the black cat and narrowed his eyes. “Did not.”

“Yup, you did. Mom told me. Anyhowl, there was a wooden box with puppies in it. Luan dashed over and started smooching one of them.”

“Me,” said Skunk. “He started smooching me! He looked at mom with big eyes and said can we have it, pleeaaasse can we, can we? Meanie mom said No! You’re going home in a few days and I’ll have to look after it.”

“Yah,” said Zed, “I wanted the rabbit but didn’t get that either. After they finished messing with my body bits, we all went home. Without your own skanky Skunky self!”

Slayer hissed “Who’s telling this story?”

“You are,” replied Skunk lying down, crossing his long black and white paws in front of him. “Carry on.”

“So when mom went to fetch Alpha from work that evening, Luan launched into beggy mode, and Alpha agreed to go and take a look. Mom was not pleased. She’d already told him on her tik-tikky thing that we did not want you. Luan dashed over to the box and out of all the wriggling blobs of fur, he picked up the same one he’d been smooching earlier.”

“Me!” beamed Skunk. “He picked me! Alpha took one look and said okay. Mom whispered in capital letters WHAT do you mean OKAY?  But Alpha just looked at her and said we can have that dog!

Baby Skunk

And that, my fellow furballs, was the beginning of Skunk the Flying Punk!”

Zed drooled a bit, “You were such a naffy little thing, the size of a rodent. Such a push over. I used to steal your camo baskie—remember?”

“Then I’d go lie in your baskie and you didn’t like that either!”

Zed and Skunk were always bickering.

I stood up. “I’m off to play some ball – I’ve got a match against the SPCA team.” I shook my furry bod, then took one last peek and smiled with all my famous Fudgie fangs.

My woggledy whiskers. Our boy Luan is going to be a vet. How barking pawsome!